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Linlithgow's Canal Trail

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

This spring, thanks to funding from Sustrans ArtRoots, an outdoor nature trail will pop up along the towpath of Linlithgow's Union Canal - National Cycle Route 754. The route runs between the Park Bistro in the East, and the Avon Aqueduct in the West. It's available for all to explore anytime, by foot or on wheels.

The trail features quotes - chosen by the people of Linlithgow - that celebrate the joy of walking, cycling, and generally spending time in the outdoors. The trail is an opportunity to spend time exploring the canal as springtime arrives. Discover some new writing about the joy of the outdoors, and perhaps be reminded of some much-loved nature quotes.

Participation packs

To help everyone get involved in creating - as well as exploring - the trail, we have free 'paint your own' rock kits to give away to people in Linlithgow who'd like to be part of the trail. Each kit contains a smooth stone, a small pot of acrylic paint, a paint brush, paint pens and simple instructions. Decorate your rock with anything nature-related, such as a plant, animal, or quote about the outdoors, and put it out anywhere along the trail for others to enjoy.

You can order your kit (subject to availability) here.

[EDIT 30.03.21 - the first 80 packs got snapped up almost immediately; 20 more will be made available in April]

Printing your own zine

As the participation packs got snapped up so quickly, there's another option if you'd like to get involved in the trail using your own materials. You can download the zine from the participation packs here, and print it at home on an ordinary printer. The zine contains all the information you need to get involved. Then follow these video instructions (with subtitles, if you need them) to turn your print-out into your own mini-magazine!


This trail has been imagined and created by Kathryn Welch, delivered with ArtRoots funding from Sustrans Scotland, and supported by Linlithgow Community Development Trust.


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