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Making good ideas happen locally.

I really enjoy talking to people about community action and activism, and am regularly commissioned to lead talks and workshops. Often, these talks focus on simple tools and learning to equip people with the confidence to tackle their own projects, and I love to hear about the actions that attendees go on to make in their own communities. Other times, I'm invited to share my experience with those in strategic or decision-making roles, aiming to shape sustainable, accessible provision that supports communities, freelancers and creative activity. 


"Thank you so much for being part of our session. We had an amazing light bulb moment at the end when a lady told us she was so inspired by your talk: she wanted to start a seed sharing library in her own town but didn’t know where to start. She immediately went onto Facebook Marketplace and found a cupboard someone was giving away for free and claimed it. It was such a simple act but listening to you gave her the confidence to get on with it". 

(Feedback from Eden Project Communities workshop, 2023)


In 2023, I was invited to give evidence to the Scottish Parliament's Culture in Communities committee. You can watch the evidence session below.




Photo credit for image on left: Jaz Grady (@jazgradyartist)






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