Evaluation. Innovation. Strategy.

I've seen the Scottish arts and charity sectors from all kind of perspectives, and delight in bringing this experience to bear in helping to shape the future of other organisations.

I spent almost a decade working as a fundraiser, then moved to the world of grant-making - both in grant assessment and grant making strategy. I have a passion for innovative, sustainable funding models that break the mould and bring people and projects together in new ways. 


I'm interested in participatory research and sharing best-practice, working sympathetically with a range of stakeholders to understand what's working, what can be improved, and where lessons can be learned.  

And I'm experienced in supporting organisations to work more effectively, embedding systems and processes that get the job done - supporting and not distracting from your priorities. 

In 2016 I was commissioned by Creative Scotland to research and write a report on ‘Innovation in Fundraising’ (available online here), designed to support grassroots organisation to access sustainable sources of funding from outwith usual routes. 

“I've just read Innovation in Fundraising from cover to cover and it's absolutely brilliant. Having previously worked in a marketing and fundraising role for a small-scale arts centre, I found it a really interesting read. I'm sure others will too”.

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