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Linlithgow's Arts and Charity meet-up

Updated: Nov 7

There's a kind of magic in people coming together. As we chat, make connections, find areas of mutual interest and drink coffee together, it's amazing how often new ideas, projects and opportunities emerge.

As we've all been spending time closer to home over the past 18 months, I've been more aware than ever of the brilliant community of arts- and charity-sector people in and around Linlithgow. Some of us live and work here, others - like me, have typically been commuting to work elsewhere, but are now working from home. It seemed a good time to start to make and build our connections to one another, and so I suggested we try a monthly meet-up for Linlithgow's arts and charity folk. We met today, for the first time.

We had a great gathering by the loch (we were lucky with the weather - it's lovely to sit outdoors together in the sun). We were joined by people working in - and leading - local charities, those running creative organisations, people working to strengthen our local community organisations, and artists creating all kinds of work professionally and for pleasure. And three gorgeous dogs, too.

For an hour and a half, we chatted about our interests, connections and projects, made lots of recommendations ('you should definitely meet X, or come along to Y'), talked about the rhythms and challenges of working independently, and shared some hopes and ideas for projects we'd like to see in our town. I suspect more than a few of us had pre-meeting nerves, but it was a warm and friendly group, with space for those who prefer to sit on the sidelines and listen, as well as those keen to chat.

Our next meeting dates are below (all 10.30-11.30am). For details (including where to meet - we'll change location for each meeting), sign up here.

  • Thursday 16th September

  • Thursday 14th October

  • Thursday 18th November

  • Thursday 16th December

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