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Creative People & Places Hounslow

Following an earlier case studies commission for Creative People & Places, I was delighted to be asked to continue to keep working with one of the funded communities, in Hounslow.

Working with the CPP Hounslow Team, as well as some of the voluntary members of the Local Advisory Groups, my role was to condense three year's worth of wide-ranging activity into an accessible, exciting publication. The report's ambition was to concisely communicate the purpose of CPP Hounslow, help people navigate the whole range of creative activity available, and to tempt more people and partners to get involved in shaping creative activity in their borough.

Crafting the report was a team effort, with many detailed documents to absorb, a range of stakeholders with different perspectives, and a really diverse range of activity to capture. However, I'm delighted with the final publication, where my words are combined with really exciting design and illustration by ArtJar, and some beautiful photographs of Hounslow's creative life.

You can download the report we created here.


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